– Lessons, Shopping & Teaching –

Looking for more then just a one day makeover?
How about a personal shopper?

Veiled Complexions offers it all from makeup lessons in person to virtual lessons.

Do you have a friend, daughter or teen who needs to put down the YouTube Tutorials and learn in real life?

You have come to the right place! We have lesson beginning at $100 and Our shopping experience starts at $100.

Master It All Class

Let’s get down to business. This class is designed around your specific beauty needs. We’ll start with a thorough consultation to pinpoint what your expectations are with your makeup as well as your skincare routine. Next we’ll go through your own current go-to makeup items and I’ll share with you what I feel needs to go, and what can stay based on if it’s right for your skin-tone, longevity of product, etc. I love starting this class with what tools you will need to create a nice classic everyday look, since tools are a huge part of a flawless look. This first look we do will be something you are able to do in 10 minutes at home. Then I’ll show you how you can bump this look up for an evening out, we can even try false lashes if you want. When we’re done with makeup, a complete face-chart and clear instructions will be given to you to help you duplicate the look, along with a detailed list of products that were used in your class. As with all of my lessons and clients, I am always free after the class through a quick email or call when you feel like you have any questions and absolutely love hearing the progress you are making with your new products and skills.

Cost: $175

Feeling Confident Makeup Lesson

This in depth lesson is designed for someone who needs that extra guidance with their daily makeup routine. As always each lesson is specifically customized just for you and your daily makeup and skincare needs. First we’ll go over skin care fundamentals and how to create the perfect canvas for makeup application. Next, a step by step makeup application will be demonstrated in detail from start to finish. As with all lessons, this is your time and we can address anything you want to learn! You’ll leave the studio with a new perspective on makeup, a list of key items needed to duplicate what we covered, as well as a cheat sheet for you to use as a guide when re-creating the look.

Some topics that are typically included: how to pick out the correct concealer/foundation shade, which tones compliment you best, creating a quick 5 minute face, different techniques that will bring out your natural features and how to achieve a natural, polished day look within minutes and quickly transform that into an evening look.

Cost: $100

Glam Makeup Lesson

Put the YouTube tutorial down and get in the studio with a real professional make up artist. Learn the most up-to-date techniques from highlighting to strobing and baking to contouring, even the bare faced look we will show you how to be the master of your own look. As always classes are custom built towards your needs and skin care is always over viewed.

Cost: $90

Virtual Makeup Lesson

Your time is valuable, I get it! Can’t get to the studio for a full face to face lesson? It’s ok — by popular demand, Veiled Complexions can now do a lesson without you even leaving your home or office! By simply emailing me a picture of yourself with and without makeup on and also setting a time to chat either on the phone or email to get some further details — we get can this makeup thing figured out for you! I’ll be able to suggest some makeup products for you based on your features and skin-type and also email you over a detailed chart of everything when we are done.

Cost: $50

Lesson Parties

Make it a party! Get your girlfriends together for a fun afternoon at Veiled Complexions studio to talk makeup! A group of 3 or more is considered a party and offered at a discounted rate of $75 a person.

Personal Beauty Concierge


This smart and insightful offering includes basic instruction, total overhaul of your current makeup stash and vanity, product recommendations, step by step instruction manual written by Stephanie for you specifically – and visual face chart, one on one makeup application and instruction as you apply it to yourself.

The grande finale is a shopping trip escorted by Stephanie to the Beauty Retail Store of your choice.

Just think!! You will have your very own beauty guru at your side, we will shop together and experiment with the testers in store to find the latest and greatest products. No more buyer’s remorse or time sucking returns. Get EXACTLY what you want and get the knowledge you need to use it perfectly from the start.

We will pick out EVERYTHING together and I will even help you stay away from anything you don’t need, too!

Don’t go shopping without ME! I will be your best advocate for getting your money’s worth AND getting the very best personalize products in every category.