Why Airbrush?

Stephanie Davis Uncategorized

Airbrush makeup has been the preferred method of professional makeup artists for quite some time. However, it’s mainstream popularity is on the increase due to newer hi-definition technology and continually evolving digital media.

Airbrush foundation is different because although it offers dial up coverage levels and texture this is lightweight, this results in a semi opaque finish with a ‘light as air’ texture and feel. The end result is perfect, yet natural looking, camera ready skin!

The spray-dot pattern that using an airbrush allows, registers less on film or in photos. While some skin types will benefit more from a traditional application of makeup, a traditionally applied foundation can also leave behind traces of brush strokes or sponging marks if not done correctly, and although these are not typically visible to the naked eye, they can be easily detected in a hi-definition photo.

One of the other perks of airbrushing is that the artist has the ability to custom blend foundation that will perfectly match one’s skin tone. This results in a much more natural, finished look and an unimaginable array of color options!